Friday, October 29, 2010

Members Show

Be sure to check out our Members Show. Click the link on our home page Bill Creevy was this year's judge and he will be our first Honorary Signature Member to the OPS. Bill's painting style is representational and he is at home in still life, landscape and figure painting. His favorite medium is simply drawing, but has extensive knowledge of both pastel and oil painting. He is the author of "the Pastel Book" which has a section on oil pastels.
Sennelier will be giving us the 120 boxed set of oil pastels for next year's show. Their Award of Excellence will be added to our awards and they will have a link from the Sennelier site to the OPS.


  1. Congratulations to Bill Creevy! I'm really excited to see this achievement for him. He has done much over the years to promote oil pastels. Its a well deserved honor! I'm looking forward to his input for the Society as well!

    Welcome Bill!!

  2. Thanks to Pat Isaac for getting our Oil Spiel Blog up and running. I'm sure members will be excited to get the news as it happens!

  3. Thanks for setting up the Oil Spiel Blog! This is great! I'm thrilled to hear Sennelier is offering the 120 color wood box set for a prize and adding an award - now I have to do an entry for next year's show and take an insane shot at trying to win that!