Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 dues

I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with family and friends, keeping warm if you're in the colder climates! and thinking about how to get inspired for the New Year! One way to do that would be to sign up for the New Oil Spiel blog hosted by Pat Isaac. Be sure to leave comments and keep up to date on the happenings with oil pastels! Instead of the old version of the Oil Spiel, this will be a faster, more productive way to communicate with all of you.

We also have an Oil Pastel group on Facebook, hosted by Tatiana Myers, that has grown in the past few months with new members! Thanks to Tatiana and others who have opened this opportunity for other artists to learn more about our versatile medium!

News for the 2011 Members Only Show! Sennelier will be sponsoring the Sennelier Award of Excellence once again and sending their wooden box set of oil pastels (the big one!) to the chosen recipient! They have also provided an oil pastel category on their website for artists to upload images of their paintings!

2011 will be our 7th year online! Seems like only yesterday, a few of us were chatting online at WetCanvas and the idea for a Society was born! Today we can truly say that many of our goals have been reached but we still have much to do! Each year artists who have never tried oil pastels are finding what a great medium it is, entering shows and getting more recognition! Some have even captured attention in national magazines!

As you know, it's time to renew your membership! If you joined in 2010 after October 1st, your dues are already current and you do not need to pay again. I'll be posting a * (star) beside member names this year to help keep track of renewals. The information for renewing can be found on the website. A notice is posted on the front page at 

I hope all of you will continue to support the Oil Pastel Society so that we can continue to further oil pastels as a fine art medium!

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  1. Pat, you might want to remind everyone that they need to sign in with their google ID to comment. I have problems with signing in at times to make comments. When a comment is posted, click on preview and you will either need to sign in or fill in the word or numbers for security. Hope this helps to get more members to comment! carly